Remember Caerleon Campus

If the Edwardian building that represents the heart of Caerleon Campus had existed 2000 years ago, the Romans who landed on the shores of the Usk River would have definitely been impressed. Situated on top of a hill overlooking the valley of the same river, the building was erected in 1912 and it has had a continuous history in education ever since, progressing from a technical college to a prestigious university.

However, two years ago, when the campus was still full with students attending different courses, the first clouds started to gather over the Welsh flag, which you can no longer see on top of the tower building. That flag was not only a “home” call for thousands of students who lived in the halls here, but was also a sign of Welsh pride. A rumor about a merge between the former University of Wales, Newport and the university in Treforest spread quickly and so did the merge  itself. Students, teachers and staff together were put in the difficult situation of choosing between the old name of the university and the new one. The old name had a history, but the university does not exist any more. The new one does not have a reputation but it is real, palpable. It was a strange and complex debate for everyone, but nobody had the power to change anything. The merge was happening and everybody was dragged into this wave of reality and confusion.

No real public debates or discussions of what was happening ever took place; there didn’t seem to be a clear plan for the future, only regulations, facts and patronized changes. And on top of everything else, the new university refused to release the ranking data for the “Complete University Guide 2014”. Students were uncertain about everything, respectable courses were closed, less students enrolled and from a busy campus, Caerleon turned into a place with fewer and fewer students.

There are so many great facilities on this campus. The reputation precedes a lot of the courses that have developed and grown here and now some of them are shut forever, others in dispute. Maybe it is not only a place that provides good courses, the teachers and the knowledge itself are a big part in this, but you just have to spend a few hours in this campus and you will see just how perfect it is. Imagine a magnificent library waiting for you with three floors of uncounted books and journals; workshops for creative arts ready to suit your needs, lecture halls fully equipped, cafeterias, a pub, a huge gym, a rugby field, computer suits and so many more. There are surrounded by accommodation flats and situated in the historic village of Caerleon, just a few miles from Newport. At this point, there is a chance that everything will be torn down. Nobody knows.

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