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“After25 – The closed gates of industry.” The closure of the factories and refineries around the city of Ploiești, Romania, affected the life of tens maybe hundred of thousands of people. It is hard not ...


Flat London

Capturing the face of London is a matter of infinite choices, even if only buildings are in question. The depopulation of these crowded spaces seems almost unreal and impossible. Isolating the structures without seeing the sky ...


Remember Caerleon Campus

If two thousand years ago the Edwardian building that represents the heart of Caerleon Campus had existed, the Romans who landed on the shores of the Usk River would have definitely been impressed. Situated on ...



The people behind the scene are true magicians.


The Orthodox community

This project presents the small community of Orthodox Christians in Wales, United Kingdom. Most of them came from eastern European countries, such as Romania. They came here with the purpose of finding a better job ...


The stolen village

Pungești is a small village in the Vaslui county of Romania. Situated close to the east red border, the authorities turned a blind eye on the needs of the almost 1000 inhabitants. But all until ...


An island

In winter time Helsinki is caught in frozen waters. The Baltic Sea and the lakes around the city are covered with a compact coat of ice. The Finns trust the ice and they walk over ...


Welsh Steam

This is a project about Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, two steam-hauled unique narrow gauge railways that have been running through the heart of Snowdonia, in North Wales, for almost two centuries now. These two steam ...


Wales, the land of song

From Caerleon to Caernarfon and from the mountains to the sea, this land is a merry one. Over the misty hills the Sun will always rise and spread its warmth, even when it’s pouring rain. If ...


See a tree

I know of nothing more amazing than a tree.


Industrial sites